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How to Check and Track Your Backlinks?

Jan 30

In this article from our digital marketing blog we are going to talk about one of the fundamental pieces of SEO, and that even many experts affirm that it is the most important piece in a web positioning strategy. Perhaps the term was familiar to you and you did not know exactly what it meant, so we launched this mega article about backlinks.

In order to make the best article possible and that you know in depth the most important links that point to your web page, we will try to delve deeply into: the different types of links that exist, their characteristics, the importance they have for your positioning strategy SEO and how to know what your website or some others have.

What does backlink mean?

Backlinks are incoming links to a website, that is, when a page is linked by another. For example, if your web page has a link from, then you would say that you have a backlink from El País, since they are linking you from some content on their web page to yours.

In other words, knowing what a backlink is is not complex or more scientific than what we have explained, and if that is all you wanted to know, the article really ends here. Now, maybe we should start asking ourselves the right questions, like: Why is receiving backlinks important? How do we know if one is good? How do I find out the backlinks to my website?

The backlink is a link that a web page receives from a different domain.

Backlinks became relevant even before the birth of search engines, such as Google, since they were the way to navigate from one website to another. In order to sort the results when a user did a search and determine which was more relevant, search engines believed that backlinks were the deciding factor next to keywords. With the passage of time, its relevance continues to be important, although many other factors that determine the positioning are increasingly taken into account. But are they still as important for SEO?

You should not only take care of getting backlinks, but also check and track backlinks with different SEO tools.

Do backlinks matter for SEO?

Yes, backlinks are very important for your web positioning and for the health of your page. Incoming links are pure gasoline for a website, so having backlinks will undoubtedly help significantly improve your positioning. Now, how exactly does it help SEO?

First of all is the referral traffic generated from the backlink. Although SEO consists of the search to improve the organic positioning of a web page in search engines such as Google or Yahoo, the link in the end is a source of traffic in itself. If someone places a link, it is for the user to click on it and go to that page if they want to. If that link is on a page with a lot of traffic, many of those visitors may end up on your website. And it is proven that having traffic to your website will help your results in the SERPs.