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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Roof Vent?

Jan 28



A roofing ventilation installation costs between $300 to $550, plus labor and materials. The exact rates will vary depending on the type and size of your roof vents and how many you install. Prices can range from $150 up to $2,000. Ridge vents are $2-$3 per linear foot and come in a variety of styles, from $10 up to $500 each.


Ridge models are designed to run the length of a roof’s peak and allow warm, moist vapor to escape. Soffit vents are located on the underside of leaves. They allow airflow to increase by allowing it in from the outside. Gable and roof versions offer air entry and exit from one point. A combination of the ridge- and soffit units is the best system. Any airflow is better than none.


Roof ventilation isn't just for warmer climates, despite what you may have heard. Ventilation extends the lifespan of your roof by reducing condensation, which can cause structural damage. Ventilation is an important and wise investment, as a new roof can be one of the most costly projects homeowners can undertake.


Your attic must have proper roofing ventilation for optimal airflow. To ensure this, you may need to seal any gaps in your roof. A flat roof design is often considered the most effective way to ensure adequate ventilation for your roofing system. However, many homeowners may not have the expertise or knowledge to properly install or maintain a flat roof, making it important to seek out professional roofing services for this task.

Roof Vent Costs based on Type

Roof vents come in many price ranges, from $65 up to $2,000 to install. The cheapest options for roof vents are simple box or static turtle vents, which start at $65 per installation. Electric models can be as high as $2,000 each.

Ridge Vent Installation Cost

The average cost of installing ridge vents is $425 or between 300 and $550 per vent all-in. Ridge vents, which are located at the roof's peak and are one of the most popular exhaust vents, are static. There is no motor or reliance upon electricity to move the air. Instead, the vent allows air to flow naturally.

Cost of installing soffit vents

Soffit vents are about $325 per. Most people spend between $300 to $350 for a vent including installation. These vents are most commonly used in conjunction with ridge ventilation. The soffit ventilation acts as an air intake vent. The ridge vent acts like an exhaust or outlet. Cold air flows through the soffit and hot air is pushed out by the ridge vent.

Gable Vent Installation Cost

Gable vents are usually priced at $175 per. However, you can expect to pay between 150 and $200 for each once they have been installed. Gable vents, another type of static vent that uses horizontal or cross-ventilation for air movement in space, are another form of the static vent. These vents can only be used on standard gabled roofs. Complex shapes may impede airflow and block cross-ventilation.


Turbine vents are priced between $175 and $150 to $200 per unit. This includes labor and materials. These vents are a little like mushrooms. They use wind power to blow hot air out. They don't need electricity but they aren't static. They are passive because they contain a small turbine that draws out hot water. However, it is powered by the natural wind movement and not by an electrical connection.

Attic Fan

An attic fan installation costs on average $800 or $200 to $1,400 nationally. If the overnight temperature is cool enough in mild regions of the country, homeowners might install an attic fan with their vents. Ventilation fans (also known as powered attic ventilators) work inside the structure to pull in cool air from the outside.


The average cost for electric roof vents is $1500. Most people pay between $1,000 to $2,000 for a vent. The electric vents are powered by turbines that pull cool air in and push hot air out. Although they are efficient and effective, the installation process can be costly and complicated. They will need to be maintained regularly and, unless there is a backup generator or power source, they won't work during an outage.


Box vents cost $130 per or $65 to $190 per unit. Box roof vents, also known as turtle vents or turtle vents, are static and allow hot and moist air to escape through convection. These vents are quick and simple to install and cost less than other types.


Cupola vents cost around $750 per. Prices for all-in cupola vents range from $600 to $950. Cupola vents can be found on roof peaks and are designed to move air. Although they are static and easy to install, their unique look and mixture of metal and wood make them expensive and uncommon.

Roof Vent Replacement Prices

For labor to take the old unit out and put the new one in, expect to pay $150 to $250. You will also need to buy a new unit at a replacement cost of $10-$500.

Roof Vent Repair Costs

Repairs such as reattaching vents will run $45-150. Most pros charge $45-75 per hour. Most pros recommend replacing the unit if it has been damaged.

Some powered models include a warranty that covers repairs or replacements by licensed professionals. You should also plan for the cost of cleaning vents frequently.

DIY vs. Hiring a pro

Roof vent installation is best left to professionals due to the skill required and the risk involved. Hiring a professional to install your roof can save you money and prevent any damage caused by improper installation. When you can incorporate the cost of the new roof and ridge units into existing work, it is the best time to do so. When the appliance is being installed, it's best to install vents. Check out more: Tips to pick flat roof membrane for home