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How are Western Cities Managing Drought and Climate Change?

Jul 6

As the globe becomes significantly impacted by drought and climate change, lots of cities all over the world are discovering themselves in a perilous circumstance. With less water readily available, the agricultural industry is battling to sustain itself as well as give food for the growing populace. But while some cities are really feeling the impacts of climate change more than others, it's not all doom as well as gloom. Actually, some cities in the western globe are locating cutting-edge means to battle the drought and climate change. Exactly how is that possible? In this blog post, we will explore just how Western cities are taking care of drought and climate change.

Where Do Cities in the West Get Their Water From?

While cities in the western globe are not unsusceptible to the impacts of drought, they remain in a much better setting than several others around the globe. The cities of Phoenix metro, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, Salt Lake City, Tucson, Albuquerque, as well as various other western cities obtain most of their water from the 1,450-mile Colorado River for their residential and commercial needs.

The Colorado River is just one of the most vital rivers in the American West. It stretches from Wyoming all the way to Mexico, and also gives water for almost 40 million people. It is also one of one of the most threatened rivers on the planet, as it is constantly under strain from the demands of a growing population.

However, in spite of the challenges, the Colorado River is still a dependable resource of water for numerous western cities. In fact, many thanks to a collection of canals and aqueducts, it is possible for water to be carried from the river right to cities like Los Angeles as well as San Diego.

Agriculture remains to be the single-largest customer of the Colorado River. In fact, it is estimated that agriculture consumes to 80% of the river's water. However as a result of the overuse of the river, hot, dry summers, as well as climate change, the water moves in the river have actually significantly minimized by approximately 20% given that 2000. This has resulted in a variety of obstacles for the agricultural industry, in addition to the cities that depend on the Colorado River for their water needs.

Exactly How are Western Cities Taking Care Of these Difficulties?

With the obstacles positioned by drought and climate change, western cities have actually needed to get imaginative in the way they manage their water needs. One of the most common ways that cities are handling drought is by buying water recycling as well as desalination plants. Water recycling entails dealing with made use of water to make sure that it can be recycled for other objectives. This includes utilizing it for irrigation, or even for drinking water. Desalination, on the other hand, is the procedure of transforming seawater right into fresh water. This is typically done through a reverse osmosis procedure, which utilizes a semi-permeable membrane layer to remove salt and also other contaminations from water.

The government as well as state governments have additionally been collaborating to purchase water infrastructure projects. These jobs include points like developing brand-new storage tanks, fixing existing ones, and investing in canals and also aqueducts. Every one of these financial investments are designed to make sure that cities have the water they require to cope with the results of drought and climate change.

Along with these physical infrastructure investments, cities are likewise working on developing policies and also laws that will certainly aid them save water. For example, lots of cities have actually executed water use limits, which restrict the quantity of water that can be made use of for points like sprinkling yards as well as cleaning autos. Some cities have actually even reached to prohibit using lawn sprinklers altogether. In addition to these limitations, cities are additionally servicing enlightening their homeowners about the significance of conserving water. By doing this, they want to change individuals's behavior so that they utilize less water in general.

An additional manner in which cities are dealing with drought is by purchasing different sources of water. This includes things like rainwater harvesting as well as greywater systems. Rainwater harvesting involves accumulating and keeping rain so that it can be made use of later. Greywater systems, on the various other hand, entail making use of wastewater from things like showers as well as washing for irrigation.

Various Activities being Absorbed Various Cities

While all western cities are dealing with the difficulties of drought and climate change, they are all taking various actions to handle these problems.

Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is one western city that has been particularly hard hit by drought and climate change. However as a result of the billions of dollars that have been invested in water infrastructure, the city has been able to weather the storm.

The majority of Los Angeles' water is imported through an extensive delivery and storage network. The Colorado River in the eastern, the Sacramento as well as San Joaquin rivers, and also the Sierra Nevada mountains in north California function as its water sources. Additionally, some groundwater and also recycled water are used. "Los Angeles is much less at risk," Peter Gleick, president emeritus of the Pacific Institute, claimed, "because they do have this really broad, diverse set of choices."

Las Vegas

The Colorado River gives a bulk of Las Vegas water needs. 90 percent of the water utilized by the organization that supplies the 2.4 million-person city, its suburbs, as well as 40 million annual visitors originates from rivers, and 10 percent originates from groundwater. As a result of decreases introduced by Recovery, Nevada shed 7% of its share of water from the Colorado River this year, yet Las Vegas was spared the effects as a result of water reuse and also preservation. According to Anne Castle, a senior other at the University of Colorado's Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Power and also the Atmosphere, Las Vegas has taken one of the most considerable steps to reduce its reliance on Colorado River water."

San Diego

San Diego gets two-thirds of its water from the Colorado River, however given that the very early 1990s, it has actually searched for alternative water resources. Ten percent of the city's water originates from a $1 billion desalination plant that cleanses salt water of salt and also various other pollutants. While its populace has raised, it has actually also boosted water preservation as well as lowered per-person use.


Phoenix, the fifth-largest city in the country, likewise uses imported Colorado River water. According to Sarah Porter, director of the Kyl Center for Water Plan at Arizona State University, it also obtains water from the Salt and also Verde rivers, which lie within the state yet aren't virtually as bothered as the Colorado River. Phoenix likewise makes use of sterilized wastewater for a few limited applications, including park maintenance as well as groundwater recharge in some aquifers.


Arizona was the Western state shedding one of the most water from the Colorado River this year, with 18% of its supply gone. Cities, nonetheless, were exempt from those cuts. Due to varied supplies, water conserved and kept underground, and also other elements, officials in Phoenix assert they will certainly have sufficient water to withstand future cuts.

Last Thoughts

While western cities are not unsusceptible to the effects of drought and climate change, they remain in a better setting than several various other parts of the world. Many thanks to their access to the Colorado River, and their financial investments in water infrastructure and conservation, they are well-appointed to manage the challenges that lie in advance.

With climate change as well as severe drought becoming much more widespread, it is necessary for all cities, not just those in the West, to purchase water infrastructure and conservation. These procedures will come to be significantly important in the years ahead and will help to guarantee that cities have the ability to weather the tornado.

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