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Best Safety Shoes for Walking on Concrete

May 1

If you work in an area that is not smooth and you need to walk on concrete and other hard surfaces then it is necessary to wear safety boots. Safety shoes are the ones that are specifically designed and manufactured to protect your feet from damage. These shoes protect your feet from falling objects, pointed objects, and also the hot molten material. While walking on concrete and stones your feet can get injured so these shoes mostly contain a midsole plate for protecting the feet from below. Different kinds of safety shoes are available in the market like steel toe, soft toe, composite toe, and alloy toe. Various brands are manufacturing safety shoes for the customers, most of the times consumers get confused about buying them. So here we are providing you with the details of the Best Safety Shoes for Walking on Concrete so that you can easily decide on your purchase.

  1.     Timberland Pro Men’s Powertrain Sports Alloy Toe EH Industrial and Construction Shoe

These are the shoes specifically designed for industrial and construction workers. These are light in weight and provide a comfortable wearing experience for the whole day. You can wear them while walking on the concrete floor to keep your feet comfortable and safe from injury. The manufacturing of Timberland Pro shoes is of excellent quality leather. The powertrain has premium microfiber, leather, and durable mesh lining. The Timberland Pro shoes are featured with alloy toes for lightweight and protection against the concrete floor and are also flexible enough to walk easily.

The mesh lining of shoes makes them odorless and also breathable to keep the feet dry. Moreover, the polyurethane midsole removes static while working in dangerous areas. The outsole is also manufactured with the polyurethane which makes it abrasion-resistant and protects the walker from falling. These have comfort suspension technology that is specifically designed for wearing at tough construction sites. Anti-fatigue technology absorbs the shock and keeps the feet relaxed all the time. The powertrain not only keeps the feet dry and odorless but also provides resistance against electrical hazards.  


  •         Alloy toe
  •         Abrasion-resistant
  •         Breathable mesh lining
  •         Anti-fatigue technology


  •         Not waterproof
  •         The quality of insoles could be better
  1.     ASICS Gel Cumulus

Walking on concrete could badly hurt your feet and that pain makes everything irritating that you cannot work and walk properly. ASICS Gel Cumulus is the solution to that pain and irritation. These best work shoes for concrete floors provide the best support and safety to your shoes so that you will not feel fatigued on your feet. The shoes are manufactured using 100% synthetic leather which makes them reliable as compared to other shoes. These provide so much support and protection to your feet that you can easily stand and walk on concrete for the whole day.

ASICS Gel Cumulus has a mesh lining for breathability to keep the feet dry and blister-free. You will not feel any pressure while wearing them as these are light in weight. The shoes are featured with a removable Ortholite sock liner and also provide arch support underneath the feet. These have a rubber sole for providing more grip and comfort for the walker. The shoes are featured with the Flytefoam propel technology and Spevafoam 45 technology. The gel cushioning at the forefoot and rearfoot also allows free and flexible movement of the feet.   


  •         Comfortable
  •         Unmatchable cushioning
  •         Removable insoles
  •         Breathability


  •         Stiff from the upper side
  •         Need break-in period to get perfectly fit in your feet
  •         Leather could crease earlier.
  1.     KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoe

KEEN Utility men’s Flint Low Steel Toe shoes are the protective and durable footwear that provides an extreme level of protection and a full-day comfortable experience at work. These are specifically designed for smoothly walking on concrete. Its manufacturing is done by using durable Nubuck leather. These feature steel toes with rubber soles for the safety of the walker while walking on concrete. The steel toes are adjusted perfectly with left and right asymmetrical toes to adjust both feet, from big toe to little toe.

KEEN Utility Steel toe shoes are specifically featured with Torsional Stability Shank and EVA footbed of double-density for the sake of support and comfort. Outsoles are oil and slip-resistant along with a heel lock to be perfectly contoured. The toe box is bigger than expected to provide room for the toes to relax and widen. Moreover, the wide toe box also avoids pinching while walking and avoids constriction of feet. CleanSport NXT provides odorless and dry feet by stopping the sweat.


  •         Protective steel toes
  •         Oil and slip-resistant
  •         More room for toe movement
  •         Torsional Stability Shank and EVA footbed
  •         Breathable 


  •         Not waterproof
  •         Leather could crease earlier
  •         A thin tongue can make laces dig into the skin
  1.     Dansko XP 2.0

Dansko XP 2.0 is manufactured with the best and most durable polyurethane leather to provide safety and comfort while walking. The padded collar supports the ankle and heels and can provide a comfortable wearing experience for long hours. These are known for the classic padded collar that provides unmatchable comfort while walking or even running. The microfabric lining makes them breathable and keeps the feet dry.

The midsoles of the shoes are of EVA foam which is an excellent shock absorber while walking on concrete. The TPU arch stabilizer helps the walker to stand all day on concrete comfortably. The rubber sole provides a stronger grip on the floor and also relaxation to the feet


  •         EVA foam
  •         TPU arch support
  •         Comfortable and durable


  •         Slightly narrow for some customers
  •         Need break-in time
  1.     Rockport Men’s Chranson

The manufacturing of Rockport Chranson is done with 100% leather which makes the shoes more durable and long-lasting. It has a touch of soft mesh lining on the tongue and heel to prevent blisters on your feet. The outsole is made of rubber that contains rubber pods in specific places that absorb the shock while walking on concrete. These shoes also contain a breathable and soft interior that makes the walking experience even better and more comfortable.


  •         100% leather material
  •         Mesh lining
  •         Rubber outsoles
  •         Comfortable


  •         Not waterproof
  •         Suitable for people with fallen arches